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Eggbassador of the Month: Osobang


Thank you Eggbassador Osobang for liaising with The Darts Factory for a hundred of Star Wars tees to the children at after-school care and underprivileged families.


our eggbassadors

Eggs4good is an initiative to spread love and kindness by collaborating with different NFT communities.

Eggbassador is a passionate advocate for the power of eggs to improve nutrition and health outcomes, particularly in underprivileged communities. With Dour Darcels 's NFT Community's dedication to social impact, eggbassador is ideally suited to lead Eggs4Good's global expansion. 
Through its work, Eggs4Good aims to make a positive impact on the lives of people around the world, by providing a simple and nutritious solution to the complex problem of hunger and malnutrition. With Dour Darcels as its Eggbassador, the organization is poised to make a real difference in the fight against food insecurity.

Thank you for being a Good Egg!
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Dour Darcels NFT

Hi Frens!

Dour Darcels are a collection of 10,000 moody frens from the world of Darcel Disappoints. Randomly generated and carefully curated, every Darcel is individual and unique – just like frens IRL. Each Darcel is a NFT that lives on the Ethereum blockchain and is the key to the Dour Darcels community.

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